App Development Process and Expectations

Discussion in 'App Developers' started by Appvisors Staff, May 8, 2013.

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  1. Appvisors Staff Administrator

    Creating a new app can be a very complicated and involved process. Ideally, you want a developer who's been in the app space long enough to have developed a solid blueprint that clearly details every step from idea to launch and beyond. After all, if someone presents themselves as an expert, yet once they get started you get the impression they're just feeling their way along—well, that doesn't do much to build your confidence in them, does it? And if you only hear from them when something goes wrong, that's no good, either. A great app developer should not only let you know what the steps are in the process, they should let you know where your app stands in that process.

    Appvice Community members are invited to take advantage of this thread, and tell their stories that have to do with the app development process. What are your expectations when you sign on to have an app developed? How often do you like to be updated on your app's progress, and how do you like to receive your updates? Discuss with your fellow members your thoughts on how you believe the process should be detailed to potential customers, and how your expectations should realistically be met.

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