Discussion in 'App Design' started by Appvisors Staff, May 8, 2013.

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    Have you ever seen a TV commercial that—for the life of you—you couldn't recall what it was a commercial for, five minutes later? That commercial is an example of poor branding. With all your products and advertising—basically, anything that has to do directly with your company—you want branding that gives customers a readily-identifiable and positive association with your business or product. Design plays a huge role in branding. Logos, buttons, background images and photos, icons, and color schemes in a mobile app can all help you set up a consistent look for your brand. Well-used, they can all combine to make customers recognize, like, and patronize your business.

    This Appvice Community discussion thread will let you dig into what design choices make good branding. From the business end, what design ideas have worked for you, and which ones have fallen flat? As a customer, what visual aspects of a mobile application make you more excited about a business or product, and which ones leave you feeling indifferent? Please share with all your fellow members your thoughts and suggestions on branding in mobile app design.

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