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Discussion in 'App Marketing' started by Appvisors Staff, May 8, 2013.

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    Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter aren't just for keeping family and friends updated on life events, or sharing what flavor of bagel you had for breakfast this morning. Properly used, they can be an inexpensive and effective way to get the word out to an interested audience about your new mobile apps and other aspects of your business. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn can be a great way to let professionals in your field know about indispensable apps for a given industry. Nothing ignites good word-of-mouth for a great app like social media.

    Please feel free to use this discussion thread as a jumping-off spot for all things to do with social media as they affect mobile app technology. Whether it's how you use them to get an app project off the ground, promote your app once it's released, or how social media are integrated into some applications, here's the place to share your comments and stories with other members of the Appvice Community.

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