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Discussion in 'App Design' started by Appvisors Staff, May 8, 2013.

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  1. Appvisors Staff Administrator

    The wireframe of a mobile application can be considered its blueprint, and its design dictates the app's flow. From the moment an app is opened, an app's architecture is critical to effortlessly guiding the end user where they need to go. Just as a skyscraper can't stand without a solid inner structure of steel and concrete, an app won't function properly without a well-designed wireframe. Its flow should be easy-to-use and seamless, with no broken links or dead ends. Though essentially unseen, the wireframe is crucial to the functionality of an app.

    What have your experiences been with mobile app wireframes? Have you ever used an app that was difficult to navigate, or had links that led nowhere? On the other side of that coin, what wireframe design elements do you find more useful? Please feel free to use this thread to discuss wireframe features and issues with your fellow Appvice Community members.

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