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The Love Life Rodeo Entry Record application allows users to keep track of their entire entry process for each event on your IPhone. The user will be able to submit events to the Administrator for approval and then follow the entire entry process. This application is great for contestants and event organizers as an event can be entered and submitted to the Administrator for approval. Once it has been approved everybody that has the app can see the event. This is all part of the free portion of the app. When the full version of the app is purchased the user will be able to keep a record of the entry process. The app will remind the user a day in advance of the date when entries open. The records include, entry preferences, contestant names entered, contestant card #’s, entry date, and entry confirmation code. Once the entry has been made the user will be able to keep records of entry result, call back date, and call back confirmation codes. There is also a section where the user can make notes for each contestant after the event such as stock draw, stock information, miles traveled, entry fee, winnings, mount money or anything desired.

Case Studies

The Love Life Rodeo Team approached us to develop an app that rodeo fans and participants could use to get the word out about upcoming events, and maintain all the information important to those events all in one place. We designed the overall app with a crowd-sourcing concept in mind, so users can enter event information to share with other users. Once events are submitted, the app administrator makes them available for all users to see, and to join if they wish. Premium features in the paid version of the app include a calendar reminder that helps users remember upcoming events with a note at a given time before the event. Not only are riders able to enter and compare their own performances, but they can follow those of other riders, as well. Rodeo participants can also track their winnings and manage their expenses and entry fees. We rounded out the app with comprehensive note-taking features to make it the best rodeo event-tracking app available.