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Missing even one step is too many when it comes to the safety of a pilot and his passengers. Created by pilot Ted Farmer, the nFlight app ushers in a new era of safety for flying in which each pilot can carry personalized audio instructions in his iPhone for pre-flight procedures on every aircraft he flies. Whether the user is a commercial pilot or just a weekend hobbyist, the nFlight app is designed to scale to as many planes as a pilot needs, and to carry as many instructions as each craft requires. Appiction approached this project with the understanding that a cockpit is a busy and noisy place where pilots need a simple app that can do much of the work for them. That's why nFlight was designed to work with the Bluetooth system already present in the compatible headsets of many pilots. In lieu of Bluetooth pilots can easily pop the iPhone earbuds under their headphones for the same listening experience. The wide variety of aircrafts in the market means that no two will have exactly the same procedures, so Appiction designed the app to be customizable to virtually any aircraft available. Pilots use their own voice to record instructions, and steps are able to be nested within one another so that they can be quickly skimmed or delved into deeply for accuracy. nFlight is the first app to tap the power of iPhone to make flight safety procedures more accurate, and introduces the power of mobile technology to the aeronautical industry. Productivity Apps summary: Become your own co-pilot with the nFlight app. Created by a pilot, for pilots, this revolutionary mobile app allows pilots to record their pre-flight and emergency safety procedures and listen to them step-by-step in the cockpit.