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Want to know immediately if you placed in your barrel race? Tired of trying to keep track of how you, your friends or your family placed in a Barrel Race? Want to know immediately if you need to stick around for a check or load your horse and go home? The BARREL HORSE RACING App lets you know immediately how you placed and whether or not you’re a jackpot winner. It’s designed by barrel racers for barrel racers to provide up-to-the-minute results with the speed and accuracy of a 1D World Champion. As running times are announced, just enter them for each racer and click “Sort.” Just as soon as the last racer has run, you’ll be able to see who won in each division from first place in the 1D to last place in the 4D. Time splits for the 4D format default to NBHA 1/2 , 1/2 , 1. The 5D-8D format defaults to 1/2 second splits. There is even an option to change time splits depending on the Event Producer. Throw away your paper and pencil and let the BARREL HORSE RACING App help make run time record keeping a more convenient part of your total Barrel Racing experience!

Case Studies

Our clients here—themselves veterans of the barrel horse racing circuit—came to us for help in creating an app that would help remove the frustration and guesswork from participation in professional events. With input from barrel horse racing pros, we were able to establish what unique features would be of greatest use in the field. The app was designed so multiple events—and multiple horses—could be entered and tracked over time. Racers can enter their own purses and run times, and those of their competitors, so their exact standings in these categories at any given moment can be determined at a glance. All features were designed to adhere to the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA)'s timing and scoring standards, and timing splits can be customized depending on the event. Whether the user is a competitor or fan, or both, the Barrel Horse Racing app does away with the days of pencil-and-paper estimating and allows users to see accurate standings listings any time they wish.


I contracted with Spencer Forrest and his team on my Barrel Horse Racing App. I had NEVER attempted to develop or create any of my ideas, much less one dealing with technology. The App was very complicated and I had in mind very specific graphics, colors, functionality, etc. The team held my hand every step of the way. Spencer and his team were always easy to talk to and I felt comfortable making suggestions and changes along the way. One aspect I really appreciated was the fact they always stayed in communication with me and responded to my emails, texts, and voice messages. The finished product exceeded my expectations! If you ever want a dream to become a reality, I totally recommend Spencer and his team of experts!!!

By Dr. Lisa Walker Todd, of Barrel Horse Racing