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Sure you may be a master on the court, but can you slam dunk all your friends with trivia off the court? The Basketball Trivia iPhone app developed by our creative iPhone application developers brings nearly 1,500 bits of trivia on the sport to the iPhone and iPad covering NBA, NCAA and general history. This iPhone Sports App for basketball lovers debuted just before the 2010 NCAA games, making it the perfect way to spend half time while users tallied up how they were doing in their NCAA pools. With features like the ability to favorite pieces of trivia, the app becomes individualized to each user allowing them to return to their favorite knowledge tidbits. Basketball Trivia also allows social media sharing so a user can quickly email or share what he learns with friends. Since 1,500 pieces of trivia is a lot to wade through, Basketball Trivia also includes a search option so users can narrow down the trivia they see to just their favorite teams or even just the team, coach or player they are currently watching. In its essence, a trivia iPhone application doesn't require great design to work, and plenty of the similar apps or competitors to Basketball Trivia put good looks on the back burner. But the iPhone application development team at AppsAustin believed that in order to make an app that basketball fans consistently wanted to return to, it was essential to give the app a look and usability that made it engaging and fun. AppsAustin design team tried to blend a combination of old-school varsity styling with modern court looks to extend the basketball theme all throughout the app. The sheer number of trivia items in this app posed a unique challenge to the AppsAustin team: how do we make this glut of information easy to navigate? AppsAustin's smartphone development team used favoring, search and categories to allow a user to narrow down the more than 1,500 pieces of trivia into bite-sized chunks that could more easily be injected into everyday life. AppsAustin's iPhone application development team also decided it was important that the iPad app be a unique translation of the iPhone app, and not merely a blown up, pixelated version. iPhone app developers and designers tapped the multi-touch ability and wide screen to give broader views of trivia lists.