Diabetes Office Visit

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CREATED BY David Calder MD to provide an always at your finger tips comprehensive diabetes management tool , that will simplify your diabetes care and help you preserve your good health. Diabetes control is more than just controlling blood glucose levels.Diabetes Office Visit can significantly improve those numbers by simplifying risk management to managing NINE numbers. Initially, you don’t have to know what the numbers mean to affect them.You just need to learn the targets and what levers to pull to move your numbers toward the target. The first lever to pull is learning how to discuss the Lab values with your doctor. The Diabetes Office visit suite empowers you to have that conversation. Diabetes Office Visit provides the goals and a patient-focused template for a conversation with your doctor about your goals. The point is to focus each conversation on the specific goals where you are not hitting the target. Over time, repeated conversations about your lab values create opportunities for you to learn how to better manage this disease. Our goal is to empower you to gain understanding of this disease over time and actively partner with your health care provider to manage it