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Dream Closet allows fashionistas of all ages to bring their closet into the 21st Century and have their entire wardrobe at their fingertips at any time of the day. Why rummage through a messy closet when browsing your wardrobe can be as just as easy as flicking through albums on iTunes? Using the iPhone's camera, import shoes, tops, bottoms and accessories into the app and organize by category. In the app's "closet" mode, pull all of these separate elements together to build outfits and start creating a collection of your best ensembles. But what really puts the "dream" in dream closet is its premiere feature that allows users to browse the web directly through the app and import those items they are lusting after. No more waiting until your next paycheck to make sure those shoes match the rest of your wardrobe, just pop them into Dream Closet and check if they're a match.