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The days of hapless tourists being ripped off by shady taxi drivers or New Yorkers being short on cash for a long cab ride are over. A new app for both iPhone and Android is taking the guess work out of New York cab rides and helping make trips around the city easier and cheaper. "Every time you step into a cab it's a gamble on what kind of cabbie you'll have and how much you'll spend. The Fair Cab NYC app puts the odds in your favor, and we've made it free because this is a service every New Yorker deserves to benefit from," said Fair Cab NYC creator Justin Sanok. "Dealing with GPS in the skyscrapers of New York is no small feat, but we've managed to make an accurate app that lets you know the cost of getting somewhere before you've started going." Fair Cab NYC is the first smartphone app to allow New Yorkers to estimate the cost of a cab trip before they have ever hailed a cab. Fair Cab functions as a hand-held meter using GPS and local taxi rates to make traveling through the Big Apple a piece of cake. Designed for both casual and business travelers, Fair Cab NYC's My Rides section lets users track the cost of individual rides and rides over time to assist with budgets and invoices. The app's Tips and Tales section provides a little backseat entertainment to riders who can share stories of their worst and best taxi rides, as well as tips on how to effectively get your money’s worth in the city that never sleeps. Tested throughout the Five Boroughs, Fair Cab is also designed to account for traffic and pre-calculates the exchange rates for using foreign currency.