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It's hard to squeeze a 6 foot tall golf pro into your pocket, but the Golf Game Guru app built by our creative iPhone app developers allows a user to take the advice and input of a PGA golf professional along with them on the links and get video analysis of their stroke. This sophisticated sports application built by our creative iPhone app developers uses the video power of the 3GS iPhone to allow a user to take a short video of their golf swing and instantly upload it to golf pro Paul Tessler. Tessler, a seasoned golf pro with 37 years of experience in the industry, executes a frame by frame analysis of the swing and sends his pointers in real-time straight back to the user as they stand at the driving range or golf course. Far cheaper than a golf pro, the iPhone and this app open up a gateway between you and an expert golf teacher to discuss and improve your golf swing.

Case Studies

When Paul came to AppsAustin interested in an iPhone app development, he already had a thriving brick and mortar golf school that had been featured in publications ranging from Newsweek to Time. But this old-school golf expert wanted to enter the mobile space and to be able to extend the reach of his skills and lessons beyond the walls of his golf academy. AppsAustin listened to the individualized advice and hands-on attention that Paul gave to each of his clients and decided that video would be the best way for him to help golfers from afar. While most existing golf apps in the store used a flat and traditional sporty look, AppsAustin decided to play to the luxury idea of a golf pro and give the app a chic and polished look more reminiscent of a country club than a driving range. Because of the complexity of sharing and editing video and communicating back and forth, the iphone application development team at AppsAustin also had to create a back-end web system that allowed users and Paul to login and manage content.