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Ready to get your party on but not sure where to go? iLadiesNight will search your city or the city of your choice and helps you find the place to be! The app searches for the hottest bars, best specials and even where to find the right crowd! The app gets you in the mood for an attitude upgrade with a fun, immersive interface that starts your night right. Use iLadiesNight to find the action and get there while it’s on! iLadiesNight gets the app user involved. Share your opinions and/or insider information about what others can expect when they go where you've already been. The app is populated with user generated content, so you know you're getting 'real' information. Bookmark your favorite bars and check out new places based on what they offer. Is the crowd hot? Great specials? Dancing? Good music? Download iLadiesNight and tell your friends where the