Jameson Whiskey

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When iPads first burst onto the market, the mere presence of one would turn heads. Apple's hype combined with the large amount of screen real estate make the iPad an attention-grabbing marketing tool. This is exactly why Pernod Ricard came to AppsAustin seeking a cutting-edge way for their street teams to be able to excite and attract bar patrons and get them to engage with the brand. The Jameson app is a whole new tool in the traditional arsenal for promotional models, allowing patrons to play Jameson-themed quizzes and directly win prizes through the game. The app is also skinned with a completely themed environment that can be changed from event to event and season to season, giving the app longevity and value. One of the best parts for a company choosing to use apps as a marketing tool is the data that can be collected in the process. Not only is Jameson able to see exactly how many times the game was played and how many people got hands-on time with the brand, but also what customers' knowledge and interest in the brand is.