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JumpTonight is a location-based social networking application for iPhone and Android Smartphones that tells you where to find Bars, Restaurants, DJs, Live Music, and more, based on your personal interests and current location.Are you tired of spending hours, searching for the right place to unwind with your friends, only to end up making a bad choice? Are you fed up with navigating through a thousand different phone book style ads on the web, all filled with the same bland, generic descriptions that only add to the confusion? Ever find out about drink specials, entertainment or special events AFTER they've happened? Then the JumpTonight, Smart Phone App is for you!

Case Studies

This client came to us for help in creating an app that makes organizing a night out with friends less complicated. Considering some night spots don't update their web pages on a regular basis, it often happens that a great event or special goes unnoticed until after the fact. After brainstorming with our clients, we resolved to make that a thing of the past. Jump Tonight allows users to connect with one another by using Facebook Connect and other social media sites, so they can not only set up times and places to meet, but share specials and event information, too. Other features include options that allow users to receive alerts and reminders from their favorite night spots, and they can also set reminders for upcoming events they don't want to miss. The user's interests and geographic location can be added for on-the-fly searches for the best places to meet up. Whether it's live entertainment or drink specials, Jump Tonight helps set up the perfect night out with your friends.