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The LaserShip app is geared towards taking the hassles out of traditional shipment tracking and provides consumers with a convenient, easy-to-use tool which allows them to track and record their shipments, view historical shipping information, and contact LaserShip customer service all from their handheld device. The app's simple design reflects LaserShip's focus on increasing the speed and ease of the package shipping process. <br> For those frequent shoppers out there, tracking each shipment just got a whole lot easier! With the mobile app's "Nickname" multi-package tracking feature, consumers can now tag their purchases for quick distinction among a list of expected shipments. "One of the pain points of tracking for consumers is the long, impossible-to-remember tracking numbers," states Blake Averill , Executive Vice President of LaserShip. "Now, users can track items labeled 'Birthday gift' or 'Halo 4', 'New shoes', etc." <br> Know where your packages are at all times! Another exciting feature allows consumers to enter or scan multiple tracking numbers or barcodes on the go. "Our new app provides real-time tracking information and updates; no need to keep checking our website or the retailer's," reports Josh Dinneen , Vice President of LaserShip. "Tracking is now automated and we'll push the information to your mobile device within seconds." Version 1.0.1 of the LaserShip application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. About LaserShip Inc. <br> LaserShip is a regional parcel carrier facilitating last mile delivery to east coast markets for businesses that desire reduced transit times, greater flexibility, and the elimination of excess costs within their supply chain. Founded in 1986, LaserShip has evolved into a leading provider of regional same day and next day distribution services for premier e-commerce and product supply businesses. For more information, visit

Case Studies

The client approached us with an idea for an app that would be a truly comprehensive tool for their package delivery customers to use. With input both from LaserShip and many of their customers, we took to the task of including features that would be of the highest value to both parties. Chief among these was the addition of a push-to-call function that allows for immediate communication between customers and a delivery representative. The ability to track multiple shipments was made available, along with the added convenience of push notifications made directly to customers when deliveries were on their way. Once their delivery arrives, another useful feature allows the customer to quickly scan the package bar codes for their records. We topped all that off by making shipment histories and LaserShip FAQ's and live feed readily accessible within the app to create a fully-rounded and positive customer-to-business communications experience.


Appvisors was excellent to work with on the development and implementation of our LaserShip mobile application. They provided a unique skill-set well versed in software development and mobile functionality which was vital in bringing the ease of real-time shipment tracking to the hands of our customers. Appvisors outlined and adhered to strict development timelines while consistently communicating status updates throughout the duration of the project. LaserShip recommends using Appvisors for any individual or organization looking to release a mobile application of their own.

By Jeb, of LaserShip