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Classroom observation with a tap of the finger. Researched based and presented in an easy to use format, this is today’s answer for high performing staff developers, instructional coaches, peer coaches, and school administrators seeking to improve classroom instruction in their schools. LookFor app enables users to organize, identify, clarify and provide immediate feedback to classroom teachers regarding their instructional practices. Along with custom personalized notes the real time response helps foster trust and clarify expectations. Relying on every day language, practitioners can identify strategies and instructional techniques that are observed, keep track of their observations, and communicate results instantly to the teacher via email while still in the classroom. Promoting quality instruction by identifying examples of best practices, this time-saving app is designed to support excellence in the classroom. LookForApp.com has been designed by school leaders who are successful with challenging, yet high performing schools. Researched based it is intended to promote reflective, professional, and collegial conversations regarding instructional practices and help clarify what standards look like. LookForApp.com is helpful in creating staff development at the school site to further identify techniques and strategies for instructional excellence. Use Apple’s educational App Store Volume Purchase Program to make LookForApp a standard in your schools. LookForApp has been piloted in schools across America with dozens of educational leaders singing its praises. LookfForApp is a small investment towards instructional excellence in your school.

Case Studies

Our client in this case was looking for an app to help with classroom observation. They had in mind a profession-specific application that could be used by administrators and teaching peers for on-site observing, reporting and feedback. Throughout the development process, features were designed to conform to all state and federal education institutional standards. Observers can select from six instructional categories, and features include point-by-point evaluation tools that can provide real-time feedback directly to the teacher, if needed. In addition, this app—which can be customized to any educational setting—includes features that allow observers to compile detailed notes during classroom evaluation that include specific examples during their observation which can be assembled into a full report later. Instructors and administrators from the preschool to collegiate level alike will benefit from the evaluation tools provided by this application.


I can give you a high recommendation concerning the Appvisors' team. Regarding the quality of work, I have always had very high standards, and my expectations demand very high quality performance. I found Appvisors' to have met and at times exceed my expectations (for example, the graphic art embedded in the app is very professional). Time frames were continually met - no excuses - no compromises. The original budget is the one that we adhered to, and there were no surprises. Additionally, I would characterize the working relationship as very accommodating, professional, and responsive. These are glowing terms I know, but very true. My app provides a foundation for school personnel to observe and evaluate teachers. I believe that honest evaluation is crucial to success. Based upon my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Spencer Forrest and his team.

By Dan Owens, of Look For App