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All of us who lead and manage people face critical issues that, if not handled properly, can derail our success. Unfortunately there are few reliable resources out there for managers to get help in such circumstances. To fill this void, we are proud to introduce MyManageMentor! 

 MyManageMentor offers you real world expertise in a completely safe and secure environment so you can get help on those critical issues in four different ways: 

 1. Your Trusted 10 – A social network of professionals with a purpose: to serve as a business support group by giving sound advice to their peers all around the world. 

 2. Mentors - If your question demands a higher degree of expertise to solve, then ask a Mentor! These highly trained individuals have years of management experience and will work with you directly to find the solution you need. 

 3. Mentorisms – These bite-sized pieces of management wisdom can be used as a daily thought-starter to sharpen your thinking and watch yourself grow as a leader. 

4. The Mentorium – a collection of advice on how to handle the most frequent management issues you will face.

 MyManageMentor breaks downs the customary walls between management and personal empowerment. It expands your support structure for mentoring, assistance, guidance, and inspiration from your close peers to a worldwide professional stage. We invite you to knock down the walls that are holding you back and find out who is in your Trusted 10 today!