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Working in partnership with Somnio Solutions, Inc. (Austin, TX), a creative agency focusing exclusively on high-tech companies, AppsAustin provided a web app solution for IBM. was created for use during Oracle OpenWorld 2014 to assist attendees with finding and utilizing resources provided by IBM. The app provided Oracle OpenWorld attendees with a video reel for how to utilize the app. The app featured information regarding IBM's booth, a Zagat Guide, Maps to the conference locations and San Francisco, Twitter, Schedule, Transportation, and much more. A testimonial from Somnio: “Somnio contacted AppsAustin in search of a professional partner for app development, and that's exactly what we found. AppsAustin was able to help us develop a solution that worked with iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry phones. They maintained a friendly and approachable attitude that went above and beyond to make sure the project was a success. AppsAustin not only performed to make sure the project was delivered on-time, but also provided great follow up after the project's completion. The project we did with AppsAustin proved to be a great success and we look forward to working with them on future projects. We had a great experience partnering with AppsAustin to develop a mobile application for IBM," explained Somnio's CEO, Harold Valderas. "AppsAustin's development team was able to turn on a dime to meet our client’s changing needs.