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PuzzleTyme takes photo-sharing to a whole new level by making jigsaw puzzles from your favorite images! Difficulty levels from Easy to Puzzle Master will challenge everyone from the newbie to the expert, and each game is timed so you aren't stuck solving one puzzle forever. Take new photos, pull them off your camera roll, or choose from our preloaded gallery—the only limit is your imagination and creativity. Play with one friend, or use multiplayer mode compete to finish puzzles while each player races to be other other’s time. Surprise friends (remember, these pictures can be of ANYTHING) one piece at a time with Mystery Play, where the final image is unknown to your opponent until it's completed. You can even challenge random opponents with images from the preloaded gallery. Compare and save scores and win/loss records, and show everyone how awesome you are by posting your scores and photos to Facebook or Twitter. PuzzleTyme lets you chat while you play, and you can get alerts when you've been invited to a game or chat session. Want to sharpen your puzzle-solving skills solo? The Single Player mode has timed and untimed versions for that, too. Put together a great time with your friends and family today with PuzzleTyme!

Case Studies

The client came to us with the idea to enhance photo-sharing between users by turning images into jigsaw puzzles. Basically, the app functions both as a utility and a game, for the completed photos can be saved. The main challenge to this app was to give it the capability to divide any photo into jigsaw puzzle-shaped pieces, with more pieces required for higher difficulty levels. It also needed to run quickly and smoothly in the limited space requirements of a mobile app. Another unique feature is the Mystery Play function, where images remain hidden until the puzzle is solved. Several play mode features were also included, such as single player and single, multiple and random opponent. Social media integration was implemented, so users could share scores and photos on Facebook and Twitter interfaces. Finally, chat capability and game and chat notification features were added for maximum interactivity. PuzzleTyme was a challenging and fun project that became a challenging and fun app. Staff favorite.


Appvisors online. The name says it all. They explained the entire process to me as well as time frames to accomplish the project. They helped me create the feel of the app, the art, as well as how and where to place different buttons to make it more user friendly. They were in constant communication with me which I greatly appreciated and if I had a question it was always answered right away without delay. They are professionals at what they do and will go the extra mile to get the job done.

By Alex Ruiz, of PuzzleTyme