Sight Words that Stick

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Finally, a sight word app that actually teaches 25 common sight words! Give your child a head start by learning these essential words to improve reading skills! Perfect for beginning readers, struggling readers, home schoolers, and even parents and teachers wanting to use this app to teach their kids these words so that they are finally retained in their memory! Sight words are those frequently used words that cannot always be sounded out………they just need to know them “on sight” for good reading. Some kids will learn them through repetition, but some others need a “hook” that helps them recall that word quickly. This mnemonic hook combined with auditory, visual, and tactile kinesthetic learning help them learn them….this method also helps with vocabulary and spelling! Designed for children to maneuver and learn the words on their own, it also is designed for parents and educators to teach these words through step-by-step storytelling and pictures. Using this app with Ipads and Smartboard teaching in the classroom adds fun and creativity to ensuring basic reading skills. Created by a veteran Reading Specialist, thousands of students have easily mastered those tricky sight words through this method called Sight Words that Stick, also available in book form through National Reading Styles. This is a fun and memorable way to learn many of the most commonly used sight words! Happy reading!