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Appvisors created a clickable prototype for SignFab in order to promote their upcoming App release at a trade show. This is a great way to expose your App to your target audience ahead of your release date. Appvisors is able to create a prototype for iPhone, iPad and TV Screen presentations. The Signfab team is able to show new features and walk customers through an actual user story as if the App were completed. Sign Fab, Inc. specializes in manufacturing wholesale channel letters. Customers are our top priority, and we strive to be the best wholesaler in the sign industry. Sign Fab, Inc. is committed to producing high quality channel letter products at low cost. Staying specialized in a few areas of the sign industry enables Sign Fab to pay close attention to quality, cost, and efficiency. Our products will help you increase your profits and be more competitive.

Case Studies

This client asked us to craft an application prototype to use as a promotional tool for their upcoming full application release. With their input, we designed it to be used as a PR-centered showcase to show prospective clients at on-site sales calls and trade shows. We included features that allow for an interactive sign design experience, where users can select sign type templates, fonts, colors and other elements that all come together for a print-ready design. These designs can then be saved for changes later, or to a customer's sign reference library and gallery. A quote generator was integrated into the app's design for instant estimates for individual signage projects. Sign Fab was able to use this application prototype to generate interest and excitement for the app's final release. Such prototypes are an inexpensive, colorful and compelling way to build customer excitement and anticipation for a new launch that's in the works.