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It's amazing the amount of strain and pain that working an office job can put on the body. From Carpal Tunnel to lumbar pain, being a cubicle worker has its unique hazards, but the Stretchpro iPhone app designed by our iphone application development team, helps alleviate these pains with stretches from head to toe. This iPhone application by our creative iPhone app developers combines both video and text description for 25 exercises covering eight different parts of the body that allow you to do short regular exercises through the day. One of the app's top features is its integration with iPhone OS 4.0, which allows a user to receive push notifications during the day to remind them to stop and have a stretch. The ability to choose between video and text means that coworkers don't have to be interrupted during your routine, and the simple interface where you easily touch the part of the animated model's body that is bothering you means that you don't have to frustratingly navigate through menus.