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Welcome to Tagstagram, the Number 1 app for copy and pasting Instagram tags. Simply find the group of tags best suited to your photograph. Tap & hold your finger on the text, hit copy and then refer back to Instagram where all you have to do is tap & hold in the comment box under your chosen photograph and hit paste. We are constantly adding and updating new tags, so check back regularly to find new popular tags! Want more likes and followers? Want to tag your pictures fast and effectively? Then try the Tagstagram App to tag your pictures on Instagram. We have 27 different categories and over 140 different individual sets of tags which you can copy and paste straight to your pictures on Instagram. Examples of some of our categories and tag sets: Popular (top tags / contest / kik) Nature (sunset / landscape) Fashion (shoes / hair /makeup) Animal (cats / dogs / birds) People (girls / boys /friends) Music (One direction / bieber) Specialist (macro / edit / minimal) Travel (australia / africa /vietnam) Family (chidren / mother / baby) .....and many many more!

Case Studies

This client came to us with an idea to solve an issue they found with the Instagram online photo-sharing service. Namely, they wanted us to help them create an app that makes it easier to duplicate tags so photos can be searched and found more easily. Otherwise, users face the time-consuming task of manually entering tags for every photo they upload. After all, Instagram should be fun, and the less it feels like work, the better. The highlighted feature of Tagstagram allows users to quickly and easily lift entire sets of tags from other photos and apply them to new ones, which in turn allows for easier searching by other users. The transfer of tags can be made with a simple series of taps, reducing the time spent on the process from several minutes to mere seconds. We rounded out the app with 27 categories of tags, and over 140 unique tag sets, and the capability to add new tags whenever needed. Thanks to Tagstagram, both posting and searching for photos on Instagram is much easier.


I worked with the team and they created a really great app for me. I was really impressed with the designs they came back with and they were always available (and I am in the UK!) to help me and my app has already surpassed over 100K downloads. I have already told my friends to take them some ideas, I feel great about my decision.

By Graham, of Tagstagram