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Don't leave your friends and business contacts hanging while you're driving or in a meeting. Respond to their text message immediately without ever having to lift a finger using the Text Respond Android app. This Android app works similar to voicemail, but for text messaging, and allows the user to toggle controls on messages and times to make sure a response is sent as quickly as possible without distracting from the task at hand. The increasing concern over texting and driving is leading more Android users to find apps that can help them be more responsible with their mobile phone use. Text Respond lets a user create a return message and set a time period in which any incoming text will receive the message in return. Use this app to tell people when you'll be free or what you are doing at the moment, but don't let a text message cause you a social faux pas or car accident. With the Android market expanding all the time, Appiction was excited to make this its first Android application. There were several new accommodations the team had to adjust to for Andoid development, such as screen size, button placement and technical abilities, but what resulted is one of the Android marketplace's popular apps, not to mention one that can help keep people safe. Client Tyler Liversidge's original idea evolved in the process of development from a simple timed texting app to something with more safety and business application. This app has broad abilities and the Appiction design team tried to aesthetically keep the app open to the many different types of people who might be able to tap this utility.