Wanna Be a Wizard?

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Test your knowledge of Judaism and become a Master Wizard in your journey toward heaven. In this special iPad edition of the popular Wizard game, make your way through this proven Hebrew education system with stunning high-resolution graphics on the full 9.7 inches of your iPad. In this fun and educational game, begin your journey as an apprentice and explore a series of realms that test your understanding of what it is to be a Wizard. Complete each Wizards Board to get closer and closer to heaven with interactive religious lessons. Each level you complete will earn you a token as you master each Board. Pass the Master Wizard Challenge for each section of three Boards in the game and you’ll receive the Wizards Colored Cap! Fun for kids and adults alike, this proven Hebrew educational system brings to life everything you want to know about being Jewish. Equipped with colorful illustrations and characters, this Wizard app is the most unique game available. Whether you’re preparing for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, working your way through Hebrew education or just want to gain a deeper knowledge of your religion, Wanna Be a Wizard is the app of choice.