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whereUhunt is a versatile hunting app that utilizes your smart phone’s GPS system to allow hunting buddies to see each other’s positions in real time. Additionally, whereUhunt will quietly alert you if one of your hunting buddies is within a certain range of your location by providing hunters with real-time ‘safe zones. Other features include field tools like current weather information and 10-day forecast, sunrise/set times, moon phase data, wind speed and direction, a rack calculator where you can calculate your harvested animal’s gross score, on-the-hoof deer aging images and characteristics, waypoint capabilities to mark points of interest, and an in-app chat messaging system so hunters don’t have to leave the app to quietly converse with one another. Whether you’re hunting white-tail in south Texas, red stag in New Zealand or pheasant in Kansas, whereUhunt is an inexpensive and versatile hunting tool designed to enhance all kinds of hunter’s experiences.

Case Studies

This client came to Appvisors with several ideas to implement into a deer hunting app. After brainstorming with our team and the client, we consulted a group of deer hunters in order to pinpoint unique features that would enhance the hunting experience. For example, the ability for hunters to chat with one another quietly was a must. Safety was also important, and three features were added with safety in mind: First, a map tells hunters when there are others nearby; second, a notification alarm alerts hunters to the presence of others in their zone; and third, an emergency number/911 dialer was included. An age identification image gallery was added to help hunters ascertain the ages of specific animals, as was a rack score calculator. Finally, since knowledge of your surroundings is crucial to deer hunting, field tools like weather forecasts, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset times, and moon phases were added to round out the unique deer hunting tools offered by WhereUHunt.