Who Shivs a Git?!

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Ever wanted to give some politician a piece of your mind, or felt like telling that Hollywood starlet just what you think of her latest stunt? This catch phrase sound effect app allows you to do just that in a number of silly voices ranging from an old man to a child. Created by radio personality and voice-over artist Ray Murphy, this colorful iPhone app captures his trademark phrase in a fun and easy-to-use fashion that allows a user to fire off a quick "Who Shivs a Git" in the direction of the nearest annoying person. Use the app's share feature to quickly email a friend or post to Facebook about your favorite new app, and click on the T-shirt button to get the sassy phrase emblazoned across your chest. The client saw this humor app as a perfect way to show future clients the possibilities the iPhone and iPad held for extending a brand into mobile and bringing it to life. Client Ray Murphy clearly expressed that he wanted the app to be simple to use, which led to the design of a giant button on the opening page allowing a user to deploy the effect the minute the application opened. AppsAustin also wanted to tap all of the existing marketing methods and collateral that Ray had already created for himself, and so the addition of share and merchandise buttons means that the app also served as a vehicle for Ray's Twitter and T-shirt sales.