Face-to-Face? We Make Our Case

In App Development

When we open app-building discussions with prospective clients, they often express concerns about going through the process long-distance. We certainly understand why they might hesitate to make such an undertaking with someone who isn't local; after all, it's human nature to prefer to do business with someone you can meet face-to-face. However, we do have some important points we like to make to put their minds at ease—and we'd like to share them with you here.

It wasn't so long ago where having a local provider of products or services was the way to go; after all, there was only so much you could do when discussing physical items over the phone or by fax—which at the time was the most advanced communications technology available. It was always nice to stop by locally and take a look at progress as it was being made on a project into which you poured good money. As the saying goes, that was then and this is now, and many business dynamics have changed as new technology has taken over. Thanks to that new tech, we're able to do business all around the world without any loss of quality or communication.

To this day, it's still best to go with local vendors for certain things—perishable items and car repairs, for example. But—as much as it may pain us to say this—mobile applications aren't really physical items; they're 100% electronic. So, sharing the progress of an app build is just as easy to do with someone 2,000 miles away as it is with someone next door. Thanks to email, text messaging, cloud computing, and various other safe and secure methods of electronic file sharing, we're able to provide your app updates literally the minute they happen. On top of that, no matter the time of day or night, you can check up on your app's progress online.

Whether we're just a few miles away from you or the distance of several states lie in between, you're guaranteed quick and constant communication when you partner with us. We've got a 24-hour turnaround promise on all forms of communication, and we often reply in less time than that.

What's more, we'll assign an expert project manager to your app, and you'll know them by name—you won't be stuck playing any games of “phone tag” with us; no time-wasting searches for someone who knows something about your project. When we assign your project to a manager, we make sure they'll be available throughout the entire process; if they're due to go on vacation, well, it's simple. We don't assign app builds to them until they get back.

No matter who's working on your app, you can rest assured our CEO will take an interest and will invest his personal involvement in every project we accept. In fact, your first meeting with anyone at Appvisors will be a strategic consultation and brainstorming session with our CEO. We consider our clients our partners, and your input—at any point in the process—is welcomed, valued and listened to. We refuse to allow distance to be a negative factor in any of our professional relationships.

Back in the day, the face-to-face meet-and-greet was a traditional part of the launching of a professional partnership. While it's nice to make that connection, it's not always feasible in this day and age, not when a convenient conference call can take the place of an expensive and time-consuming long-distance trip. We'd much rather save you that expense and hassle—especially since we've built the expertise to create the best apps in the business via electronic communications.

However, all this isn't to say we wouldn't like to meet you if you find yourself in our neck of the woods. Appvisors has a professional suite of offices nestled in the scenic hill country of Austin, Texas, and we're always happy to have guests. But, near or far, we pledge to all our clients and partners our commitment to the utmost quality in all the apps we create. Check out our web page at Appvisors.com, and give us a call at 512-800-4654, and we'll build your app together!


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