IOS 7 Rollout at Apple WWDC 2013

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And let the speculating begin!

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) kicks off on June 10th, and goes through the 14th, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. That's what we know, and it's just about all Apple's gonna tell anyone until their kickoff keynote presentation at 10 AM PDT on the 10th. As is their custom, Apple likes to hold their cards close to the vest, and this year they'll do their level best to plug any leaks and keep people wondering until the conference.

We do know, however—through subtle and not-so-subtle hints being thrown to the press by various Apple executives—that both Apple operating systems have gotten an overhaul and will be presented to the waiting world at WWDC. Of special interest to mobile application developers like Appvisors is the new mobile operating system that will be introduced, iOS 7. In order to keep ourselves up-to-date and competitive, we plan to implement the specifications of iOS 7 into our app development process as soon as we possibly can.

What will iOS 7's new specs and features be? Until June 10th, your guess is as good as ours. But the industry buzz is that there will be changes that will really shake up its overall look and user interface (UI).

When he recently announced that iOS 7 would be introduced at WWDC, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that Senior VP of Industrial Design Jonathan “Jony” Ive would be “really key” to the new operating system, used in their popular iPhone smartphones and iPad tablet computers. This quote from Cook, along with Ive's history of design preferences, tells us a little about what we can expect from iOS 7.

To date, Apple's mobile operating system has used what is called “skeuomorphic design.” This design style is detail- and texture-rich, giving graphics a real-world feel and look. The news coming out from Apple over the last few years has been that Ive is not a fan of skeuomorphic design, and is opting for a flatter and more monochromatic look for iOS 7. Advocates of this flatter design style insist it's not only easier on the eyes, but allows for faster running speeds on devices that use it. If this design shift is indeed true, it could have a bearing on the look of mobile applications in the future—at least those designed for Apple devices.

You can bet Appvisors will be paying very close attention to the news coming out of WWDC 2013. We've taken pride in keeping up-to-date on the latest in mobile technology, and the introduction of iOS 7 will be no exception. At Appvisors, you'll see not only the mobile app development high-quality apps we've created, but also our commitment to keeping up with mobile tech. If you've got an app idea you'd like to see get the royal treatment, give us a call at 512-800-4654 today!


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