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Your mobile device application is ready to go! Every element of its design has been carefully crafted and built to your specifications, and it's been thoroughly tested. It works perfectly, and all you need to do now is release it to your prospective customers. do you go about doing that, exactly?

In order for your app to do its best in the marketplace, you're gonna have to list it in at least one apps store. They're at the heart of successful app marketing, and they offer exposure and customer targeting that aren't available anywhere else. It's App Marketing 101; you don't launch an app without listing it in an apps store. Keep in mind, though, the apps market is competitive, and apps stores take 30% of your app's profits before they start paying out to you. There's an art and a science to listing your app so it does well, and you want a development partner who knows what goes into an effective listing.

Appvisors has been in the apps space since its inception, and we know what goes into customer-attracting listings. We're just as detail-oriented with your listing as we are when building your app, and we'll make sure to include the right information to maximize your return on investment. After all, your success is ours, too. We've got a questionnaire we use when setting up app store listings, and we use it to assure all the pertinent information for success goes into your listing. Here's what we consider:

1. Visuals. We'll showcase five screens from your app in your listing, and we'll make sure they're not only attractive to potential customers, but they'll also give them a basic idea of how your app works and what it can do for them.

2. Keywords. You get 100 characters maximum here—that's 60 characters fewer than Twitter allows in a Tweet—so you have to make these count. What words or phrases best sum up your app, and will make it easy to find in an app store's search engine?

3. Description. You've got more space here—up to 4,000 characters—but you need to make it count. Here's where users get to learn—in clear, concise language—what your app will do for them. A brief summary of how easy it is to use is also helpful here.

4. Category. Is your app educational? Is it a game? Does it focus on sports or possibly music? Target the customers you want by putting your app in the right category. One quick side note here: apps can be removed from the apps store if they're not properly categorized.

5. Content Rating. What level of maturity is the content in your app? This is a critical part of your listing, and it helps target the age demographic of the audience you want to attract. Again, a misleading content rating can result in app removal.

6. Pricing. Are you wanting to promote your app as free or paid? If you've chosen the latter, we can help you decide what price would best fit both your customer's needs and your ROI.

7. Geographic Targeting. Is your app open to be promoted worldwide, or is is country-specific? By now, you've detected a theme here: it's all about targeting.

8. Contact Information. This is optional, but you can also include your website URL, privacy policy and marketing links, and email address and phone number, if you so choose. This helps reinforce branding and gives your customers direct links for feedback and suggestions.

Even after your app is “done,” there's a lot to do. When you partner up with Appvisors, we'll build your app from the spark of an idea to launch—and beyond. That includes using our experience to make your app perform the very best it can in the marketplace. Visit us at, and give us a call at 512-800-4654. Together, we'll make your app tower above the rest.

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