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When we brainstorm with our app development partners, we always emphasize the importance of marketing once the app is launched—and even beforehand, for your marketing strategy needs to be kept in mind throughout the app creation process.

We also like to recommend the use of social media as an integral part of marketing, because it can be both inexpensive and effective. In fact, with just a little extra legwork on your part, social media marketing for your mobile app takes as little as creating an account on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We'd like to take a moment here and list in detail the ways you can use online social media to get the word out about your app.

Integration. Both app developers and social media sites alike are embracing the concept of integrating social media into apps. It's certainly something to consider, and it enhances the interactivity factor of your app if you blend Facebook, Twitter, or FourSquare into your app itself. It's also a great way to get your app's users to generate positive buzz about your app while they're using it.

Expectation. Here's where you can build up excitement for your upcoming app even before it's released. Give periodic announcements and “teasers” on Facebook and Twitter, and engage those who follow your accounts in conversations about what's coming. Give them a peek at screen shots and features...get them primed for your big launch!

The Personal Touch. There's nothing better in the world than social media for connecting directly with your loyal customer base. You can respond to their questions and comments on a one-on-one basis, and address them by name. When your customers feel engaged in the process, and know they have your attention, they're more likely to see you and your brand in a positive light—and to pass their opinion on to their friends and family.

Checking In. This concept goes hand-in-hand with integrating a social media site into your app. For example, if your business has a brick-and-mortar location, your customers can use FourSquare and other locational social media sites to let their friends know where they're hanging out. Even if your business is strictly online, you can offer badges and achievements to customers who use your app on a regular basis, and these can be reported on Facebook and Twitter.

Word-of-Mouth. Throughout the history of advertising, this has been the gold standard of free publicity. If you keep a healthy line of communication and relationship with your customers, goodwill will follow. In a culture where customer service is questionable or nonexistent in some cases, people are delighted when they feel a business has gone the extra mile for them. They like to know they matter. And social media is the perfect way to convey that message. When used wisely, it helps you recruit a willing army of PR representatives who are all too happy to share their positive experiences with you. It takes extra effort, yes, but it can do wonders for your return on investment.

Appvisors takes pride in our ability to help our partners take app ideas from the first spark of genius all the way through the app's release—and that includes marketing. We'll use social marketing, and many of the other methods we've found that work well, to help make your app perform the best it can. Give us a call at 512-800-4654, and peruse our web page at Let's build it together!


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