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To call the mobile device market “active” might be the understatement of the year. At Appvisors, it's our job to keep up with all the changes, and we thought we'd share with you the developments over the last few years, and what new trends are on the horizon. We'll start with a quick list of trends that have dominated the industry over the past few years:

1. Android Versions. Whereas Apple's iOS is limited to Apple devices, Google's Android system covers a broad spectrum. Since it's open source and free to use, developers are tweaking the code to make it unique to their needs.

2. Google AdWords Adding Mobile. It used to be to compete in more than one market, you'd have to launch multiple campaigns. Google AdWords has now “baked in” mobile, so marketers can use one campaign to hit many markets. Venture Beat has the details here.

3. Rise of Enterprise Applications. These are applications that focus on corporate use—as opposed to utility and game apps—and more businesses have been hopping on the enterprise app bandwagon.

4. We're Number Three! Apple iOS and Android have become the clear winners as #1 and #2. Many tech companies have been creating mobile operating systems, and are vying for the #3 spot.

5. HTML5. App developers and programmers are switching over from the old HTML and CSS coding language standbys to HTML5.

6. Mobile Marketing Managers. Marketing pros are brushing up on the mobile market, and many businesses are recruiting new hires for that capacity.

7. Increasing Mobile Web Presence. Businesses are recognizing mobile' effectiveness, and are designing web pages specifically for mobile devices.

8. Location-Based Applications. Apps that use GPS technology have been growing, in everything from online shopping to social networking.

9. Mobile Security. As more people embrace mobile, the “black hats” out there are devising ways to introduce malware to their systems. As a result, added attention is being paid to mobile device security.

10. Mobile Commerce. The internet revolutionized the way people shop—and mobile isn't far behind.

Here are some of the mobile market trends to watch for in the near future:

1. Responsive Web Design. Programmers are designing ways for web content to work equally well on both mobile and non-mobile systems.

2. The Need for Speed. Remember when 3 GB was a huge amount of storage on a PC? Well, speed and space will both increase on mobile devices.

3. Ad Revenue Shift. Currently, ads for non-mobile devices such as desktops and laptops bring in more money for advertisers. That's changing quickly, as more advertisers and consumers focus on mobile.

4. Smartphone Computing. It's tricky these days to do a lot of work on a smartphone, such as creating business documents and spreadsheets. That's likely to change.

5. Mobile Payment. Your smartphone may also become your wallet. A wave of your phone over special payment terminals could be used for purchases from gas stations to luxury hotels.

6. Increased Customer Expectations. When you introduce new technology to consumers, they never, ever want to take a step backward. This challenge will shape future mobile tech.

7. BYOD. Bring Your Own Device. The “company phone” may become a thing of the past, with employees using their own devices for work. The savings alone is enticing to businesses.

We've just scratched the surface here, but this represents the explosive potential of the mobile marketplace. Partner up with Appvisors and let us show you how to put our Mobile Applications Development Services cutting-edge experience to use! Call at 512-800-4654 today.

Please refer to the following sources for additional information on mobile market trends: Impact Instruction

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