App Launch

The launch of a mobile application is really its moment of truth. Attention to detail is important throughout the entire app development process, of course, but it's especially crucial when your app is released to the public. Appvisors has the best team of marketers in the industry to get the word out, and we make sure that, upon launch, all the right information gets out, too.

We understand the launch of a new app is a big deal—after all the apps we've designed, we still share our partners' excitement when their apps are released. We'll set up your launch with one major goal in mind: that the right potential customers are targeted, and that they share our enthusiasm for your app.

We'll set up app store accounts for your new product. In doing so, we feel no need to reinvent the wheel; we believe in a turnkey approach that fits your current business needs and processes. Your app store listing will be concise and clear, but nicely detailed. We'll compose a compelling description that puts your app's unique features front and center, and your description will also be keyword-focused so your customers can easily find your app when they search the app store. This is an important point, because keyword use helps your app to be listed more prominently in searches. This added exposure helps your return on investment.

Beyond your app description, your customers will know exactly what they're getting with precise pricing, category placement and content ratings information available at a glance. We'll even assist you with in-app purchase services, if you'd like.

Partnering with our clients is an important concept to us at Appvisors; your success is also ours. We take that shared vision and responsibility very seriously. You'll see that dedication when you partner up with us and build a great app every step from idea to launch. Your customers will see it, too. 

Find out how our launch services can take the work off your plate - we deploy apps for our clients. Email us at or call now (512) 277-0373  and Let's Build It.

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