Planning and Architecture

Would you build a home without having a detailed set of blueprints first? Any major project needs a well-thought-out guide from which you can build. Planning and architecture is easily the most important aspect of app development, for without it, surprises and delays can pop up. Scrambling to correct an issue that should have been seen beforehand is no fun—nor does it inspire confidence in the craftsman.

Appvisors has been a competitive player in the mobile apps space from the very beginning, and we've put together a market-proven process for the development of exceptional apps. Our experienced team will start with whiteboard sessions, taking every aspect of your idea in mind as we craft a unique plan for your app.

Our app architecture features a detailed wireframe layout; think of this as a flowchart that shows every possible screen that will be seen by your end user. At a glance, we can study the user experience step by step. We'll leave no stone unturned, and can tweak and adjust your app “blueprint” until everyone involved is satisfied that it's just right.


When it comes to app compliance, Apple has put together what they call their Human Interface Guidelines. In plain English, this is their list of suggestions for developers to use to make sure apps present an easy-to-learn and consistent experience to the end user. These guidelines are considered the gold standard in the industry, and failure to comply to them can result in rejection from app store listings. This can be disastrous to an app's success. Appvisors adheres to every point of Apple's Human Interface Guidelines with every app we create.

The success of your app depends strongly on intricate planning from the outset. Our experience in designing outstanding apps with discipline and sturdy architecture sets us apart from other app developers. Partner with us, and you'll see how we'll make your app idea flourish.

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