Strong Communication

App Development Communication

We don't just give lip service to communication when we partner with you. In your initial complimentary consultation with Appvisors, you'll meet personally with our CEO, and he'll make sure everyone involved has a shared vision, with the features, technology requirements, content, artwork and marketing you want and expect. You'll leave the consultation knowing your idea is feasible and on its way to becoming a great app, and with realistic expectations about what to expect through every step of our app development process. To top off the initial consultation, before the project begins in earnest, all stakeholders in the project will be involved in your initial kick-off call.

But we won't stop there. You won't just be told “Steps X, Y and Z are done”-- although we will call you weekly with a status update on your project. Our calls will include timeline management, Alpha/Beta development reviews, consulting, marketing direction and other services, so you'll know exactly what's happening with your app each step of the way. At no point in the process will we allow our partners to be left in the dark on any point.

One of our experienced Project Managers will be assigned to your project, and in addition to the weekly updates mentioned above, we've also got a 24-hour return communication guarantee, should you have any questions or suggestions at any time. You can also track your app's progress any time you wish with our online project management system.

But we won't even stop there. Even after your app is launched, you're covered with our warranty and consultation services. All our partners are also invited to check out our Appvice Community Forum, where you can brush up on the latest news and developments in the app space. The best app development with the best communication. We guarantee it.

Touch base with us today @  (512) 277-0373 or email us at to understand why strong communication with your software developer is critical to successful app development. 

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