User-Experience Design

If you've ever bought new electronics, this will be familiar: you've gotten past all the twist ties and Styrofoam, and there's a user's manual the size of a small novel inside. 

Let's take that a step further. Let's say the new technology you have doesn't have a user's manual. There's no chance to kick back and read-up on what you're using; you have to just dive in and go. Therein lies the challenge of user experience as it applies to applications for mobile devices. There's no user's manual, and limited space in which to instruct end users.

User experience (also known as UX) means—imagine that!--the user's experience when they use an app. The user interface (also known as UI) refers to the tech, graphics and text that lead your customers through the app. While it's true most people are becoming more tech-savvy, there's a stronger demand for devices and applications that are easy to use. Today's apps are doing more—and are becoming more complex—and the UX challenge becomes even more evident.

Appvisors knows that without excellent UX, even the best mobile app ideas can become a rusting hulk on the shoulder of the information superhighway. We've been in the app development space since its inception, and we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to UX. We consider aspects of UX such as ease of use, performance efficiency, and perceived overall value of the app. We also adhere closely to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, which offer suggestions to maximize UX.

The bottom line when it comes to UX is this: if your customers don't see your app as valuable and useful, they're probably going to delete it—if they even install it in the first place. Partner with Appvisors, and we'll see to it that your app succeeds beyond your customers' expectations.

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