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Discussion in 'App Launch' started by Sandy, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Sandy Appvice Guest

    I already have an app build and would like some advice about launching it into the app store. Its an android App and I want to know if keywords section should be filled out with search engine seo words or is this diferent??
  2. Marty Gartin New Appvice Member


    When you're given the option to include keywords with an app listing, the apps store (in this case, Google Play) uses the words an end user enters when they're searching for new apps in the store. So, yes, it's very much like SEO words; when you enter keywords here, you want to use whichever words you believe a potential customer will use in order to search for apps like yours.

    For more information about how SEO and SEM are used in conjunction with mobile apps, please take a look at our article on the subject here.

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