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Discussion in 'App Design' started by Scotty3912, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. Scotty3912 New Appvice Member

    anyone here have an experience to share? I am thinking about building (my friends told me that it's way overdue since I came up with this idea over a year ago!) and I am curious, since I cannot find this info! about app designs on multiple phones. Like if i have a app built (for iphone 3Gs or 4 lets say) and I want to also have the app shown on the new iphone 5 which has a bigger screen do I need to remake all my art again?? I dont understand how art designers do this any help appreciated and have a good night.
  2. Marty Gartin New Appvice Member


    To put it briefly, yes; for the most part, artwork that was designed for apps for iPhone 4 and earlier aren't going to fit exactly on the iPhone 5 screen, which is a little larger than earlier models. The app will still function, mind you; it's just that the artwork will look a little "off" on the bigger screen.

    You can read a highly-detailed tutorial on this subject by clicking here.

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