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There are criteria to consider when selecting an excellent partner in building your new app. Everything from experience to communication to price should be kept in mind. But, unless you're already an expert in the field, it's tough to know the right questions to ask. Until now.

Appvisors has put together a 34-point checklist for you to consult when checking out app developers. These points are conveniently grouped into seven important categories, each focusing on different aspects of the development process. Keep in mind all these points are critical when building the very best apps—the higher your prospective vendor scores on this survey, the better they are likely to be. If a developer is unable to answer any of the questions poised below while you have them on the phone, or they don’t know the most important categories in the first place, you should seriously reconsider partnering with them on your app development. Appvisors takes pride in our “no surprises” approach, and our dedication to every step of the development process. Compare other app developers to the checklist below and see how they stack up. We have provided you the ability to print and/or email this form to yourself so that you can share with other stakeholders.

Vendor 1 Name:
Vendor 2 Name:
General Appvisors Vendor 1 Vendor 2
Do they have more than 40 years of experience in the app development field?
Have they been in operation in the US for more than five years?
Do they have an office located in a corporate building?
Do they have over 100 apps listed in major apps stores?
Do they provide links to their work on their website?
Do they offer end-to-end development services -- consulting to launch?
Do they offer fixed cost bids?
Do they bill you only after their achieved milestones are met?
Are they located in the United States?
Are their apps diversified across many industries?
Total General 10 0 0
Consulting Appvisors Vendor 1 Vendor 2
Do they provide complimentary creative consulting with their CEO?
Do they consult with you on monetization strategies?
Do they check app feasibility prior to taking a deposit?
Do they build apps with scalability in mind?
Do their bids reflect what you actually asked them to bid?
Total Consulting 5 0 0
Project Management Appvisors Vendor 1 Vendor 2
Do they offer you dedicated Project Managers?
Do they offer a collaborative kick-off call with their team?
Do they provide a transparent project management system to track progress?
Do they provide weekly meeting times that work with your schedule?
Do they return all communications within 12 hours or less?
Do they offer you a detailed checklist to help you manage your expectations?
Total Project Management 6 0 0
Wireframes Appvisors Vendor 1 Vendor 2
Are they heavily focused on architecture and user experience?
Do they know what "HIG" is? (These are Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines)
Do they provide you with well-defined user stories?
Total Wireframes 3 0 0
Artwork Appvisors Vendor 1 Vendor 2
Do they provide creative and brand strategy services?
Do they allow multiple changes to art comps to ensure your satisfaction?
Do they provide web development services?
Total Artwork 3 0 0
Development Appvisors Vendor 1 Vendor 2
Do they build apps on all platforms?
Do they adhere to the 114 "ASR" Guidelines?
Do they allow multiple people to test the app prior to its release?
Total Development 3 0 0
Release Appvisors Vendor 1 Vendor 2
Do they offer support after the sale?
Do they offer a warranty on the code?
Do they release all ownership of your app code upon completion?
Do they provide assistance with setting up your Apple and Android accounts?
Total Release 4 0 0
TOTAL Appvisors Vendor 1 Vendor 2
General 10 0 0
Consulting 5 0 0
Project Management 6 0 0
Wireframes 3 0 0
Artwork 3 0 0
Development 3 0 0
Release 4 0 0
Grand Total 34 0 0

By using the 34 points listed above, you'll have a much better idea what you're getting into when you go shopping for an app development partner. Keep in mind Appvisors scores positively on all those points since we offer them all. Our experience and passion for building the best apps out there position us at the top of the industry. See for yourself; check out and give us a call at 512-277-0373 today!

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